Many athletes have attempted to cross over from sports to music careers. Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Deion Sanders, and Allen Iverson, to name a few, but none have been nominated for a Grammy. Now setting the bar is former NBA and collegiate standout, Moe Ager. Raised in a musical family in the city of Motown, Detroit, Michigan, former All-­American Michigan State, Team USA and NBA (Dallas Mavericks, New Jersey Nets and Minnesota Timberwolves) player, Moe Ager, is making his mark combining the two worlds of sports and music. After being considered for a Grammy Award for his single, “Far from Home,” and acknowledged as the independent producer of the year for the Entrepreneurs on the Move Award, he continues to perfect his musical talent while lending his expertise in basketball and music through the Moe Ager Hoop Schools. Additionally, through his music production company, Moe Ager Productions, he has produced records for Royce da 59 (Shady Records where he collaborated with Dr. Dre who gave him advice and guidance), signed a non­-exclusive deal with 5050/Konvict, and Muzik. Today, he works with emerging artists and corporations, producing music that shapes their brands and communicates their identity.

Alongside these skills, Ager brings formidable life skills from growing up in the martial arts since he was 6 years old, playing as a standout on a winning team in college and a member of the world class USA basketball team. Today, he speaks, sharing his knowledge with youth as well as adults, at the Moe Ager Hoop School, educational institutions and corporate offices. Moe Ager and Moe Ager Productions strikes the perfect chord to blending sports, music and technology through In the Zone with Moe Ager.

Meet Moe Ager

Sports and Music​ are like favorite cousins. They play very well together. From genres such as country and rock to hip-­hop/rap and urban contemporary, athletes listen to music to release the pressure of competition. It is part of a psychological effort to reach peak performance and be at the top of their game. Many professional sports teams such as the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Jets, blast the beats of hip­-hop/rap dee jays on sidelines during practices to keep the adrenaline running. At the grassroots, street basketball leagues and consumer driven game marketers such as Playstation and NBA2K are combining music, fashion and basketball moves with theme songs produced by popular artists that include Pharrell and Beyonce. Whether its singing or dancing in the stands to music turned sport anthems, fans get in game mode during pre­game and halftime activities, following the frenzy of their favorite athlete’s passion for music.

Music plays an integral role with influencing the performance of athletes. To put them “In the Zone, athletes listen to their choice of songs to boost their adrenaline. Music is played individually and collectively hyping locker rooms and exciting fans in sports stadiums and arenas. Pumping up athletes and fans are tunes from artists Rihana and Lady Gaga to Drake and Kanye West. Many artists are finding sports a major sales booster and artists such as, country’s, Darius Rucker, and hip-­hop artists providing commentary on ESPN, music has become a major contributor.

Music and Sports College Tour 2015
We'll be igniting specific colleges this year with a Music and Sports Tour featuring Moe Ager along with a showcase of talent from participating colleges and special guest sports figures.

Technology is the latest trendsetter, with players and teams seeking the competitive edge, technology has entered the game of sports full throttle. From note pads to footwear and analytics, tech innovators are entering the playing field with great enthusiasm.


All Sports Expo                                                          Ontario, CA               Saturday, May 30         2pm - 3pm
Kevin Johnson Basketball Camp                               Bahamas                  July 14-17
LA Clippers Basketball Camp                                    Los Angeles             June 15-19
LA Clippers Basketball Camp                                    Los Angeles             Aug 3rd 3-7


All Sports Expo                                                          Ontario, CA               Saturday, May 30       2pm - 3pm
Airbnb                                                                         San Fransico, CA     Thursday, June 4        4:30pm
Let's Move Too Community Health Fair                    Los Angeles, CA       Saturday, June 20      11am-3pm
Trevor Ariza & Friends Celebrity Charity Game        Reseda, CA               Saturday, June 20      3:30pm
Booker T. Washington Community Service Center   San Fransico, CA     Saturday, June 27      12pm
Celebrity Game w/ Draymond Green (Warriors)       Grand Rapids, MI      August 3-4
 “Students Think STEAM” College Expo                    Los Angeles, CA       October 22

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  • In the Zone Workshop
    This all-day workshop features:

    Basic Steps for Getting Into the Zone for Peak Performance
    Basketball Fundamentals
    Music Enhancement
    Going past your Comfort Zone
  • Athletes Got Bank: Educating Young Athletes for a Promising Financial Future
    Learn how to prepare for your financial future and avoid the pitfalls of bankruptcy.
    Athletes Got Bank is an educational program that provides financial comprehensive programming geared towards high school basketball and football players. Some of the top high school and collegiate athletic teams representing basketball and football will attend motivational talks with present and former professional athletes, take classes and attend workshops with representatives of the financial industry including financial advisers, credit counselors, insurance brokers, and bankers to become more financially competent. Some of the subject matter they will learn include but are not limited to the following:


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A Game Changing Once in a Lifetime "One-on-One" Experience for Aspiring Artists, Basketball Players, Small Private Groups, CEO's and Corporate Teams. Choose from a menu of activities.

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